Specialized in producing special railway traffic equipments

Tongling Konteco Rolling Stock Equipment Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful scenery of china bronze in Tongling City north Yangtze water, south near Mount Huangshan, East of the ancient capital of Nanjing, West even Buddhahood Jiuhua geographical environment, Beautiful geographical environment, convenient land and water transportation.

The company has strong technology equipment R&D and manufacturing advantages is engaged in the special equipment of railway track traffic. After 20 years development, Rolling Bearing mounting machine and the bolster, side frame of general magnetic flaw detector through the ministry of railways technical review of railway freight rolling company. At present, already existing the rolling bearing pressure annealing,train wheel gear pressure annealing, magnetic particle inspection of railway fittings, the railway wheel production line,vehicle repair factory, depot repair professional equipment five series etc. Nearly eighty varieties,adapt to trucks, buses, subway section,deplt vehicle maintenance needs.

The company was awarded the“national high tech enterprist” title,and through “ISO9001” quality management system.The company ongoing product innovation, has formed a complete product development design to production manufacturing capacity product distribution ghroughout the coutry railway vehicle factory, section; metallurgical mines; pertrochemical rail transportation equipment maintenance enterprise. There are several ten equipment abroad are exported to Africa, Asia. To provide quality services for users, by the user's praise.

The current Chinese railway construction. The motor cars, the high speed train, the high power locomotive,the city track traffic and the city subway traffic, all with the rapid economic development China abroad in great strides. Tongling Konteco Rolling Stock Equipment Co., Ltd follow the rapid development of Chinese railway make positive contributions to provide a more complete and convenient service for the customers of the company.

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