Products - LTX type railway vehicle wheel of turbine

LTX type railway vehicle wheel of turbine

This machine is needed for the railway vehicle wheel on the back wheel and the design and manufacture of special equipment. Adopt new design layout. Unique double master cylinder pushing, back axle wheel, flexible head to prevent the axle end local deformation, according to the different type shaft can choose the most appropriate maximum withdrawal force. Through type design can make the wheel into a state of convenient back round, without the crown to cooperate. Can also according to customer need to configure the wheel axle integrated system and integrated system, to further improve the level of automation.

This machine adopts computer control, with functions of input and output of various related data for railway wagon wheel round the back wheel of maintenance line working procedure, for railway wagon RD2, RD2A, RE2A, RE2B, G type wheel and axle pressure of such vehicles, way back separation, and meet the back wheel technology requirements.

Equipment Feature

  • Pair of main cylinder, side high pressure load, the other end of the low-voltage transfers, guarantee the withdrawal when the wheel axle consistent with the main oil cylinder axis.
  • Floating head design: ensure the wheel when unloading pressure head back plane and axle end all contact, prevent shaft neck coarse trick.
  • Through the, the layout of withdrawal at the forefront of the workshop orbital into working position, send the withdrawal done by car, improve work efficiency.
  • With the withdrawal process without crown, ensure safety in production.
  • The computer control, real-time display main parameters in the unloading process. Can be stored, print related parameters.
  • Axial displacement digital control, different types of wheel on the displacement can be preset, do not adjust.

The main technical parameters

Project numerical pressure cylinder maximum back pressure force 2×4900KN
Pressure cylinder piston stroke 630mm
Pressure testing equivalent 1.5KN
Displacement detection equivalent 1mm
Double maximum by length between the main oil cylinder 2950mm