Products - CXD08 CRH1, 2, 3 type rolling bearing withdrawal machine

CXD08 CRH1, 2, 3 type rolling bearing withdrawal machine

Equipment function

WYD08 CRH 1, 2, 3 type withdrawal machine is suitable for the period of maintenance workshop of CRH train, subway, city rail series of rolling bearing withdrawal operation.

Equipment Feature

  • Through type process layout, improve the work efficiency, easy to flow operation;
  • Compatible with all series of CRH group dynamic, drag the wheel bearing withdrawal;
  • Both sides withdrawal bearing;
  • Any single withdrawal bearing;
  • Automatically bearing withdrawal;
  • Artificial division of step to complete the withdrawal;
  • Position will be in place of the shaft and end automatic wheel to launch this location;
  • After withdrawal of bearing automatic tumbled into special material rack;
  • Mechanical structure is reasonable: using push dial the disassembly structure design, the removal of bearing force by the split cylinder assembly, not to the bed.

Performance indicators

Scroll wheel diameter range Φ790-Φ920mm
Bearing diameter Φ130mm
Rim width 135mm
The length of bearing 2180~2382mm
The axle center hole angle 60°/90°
Gauge 1435
The environment temperature -20°C~55°C
The altitude ≤1000m
Relative humidity The average is no more than 90%, the highest relative humidity is not greater than 95%
Power AC 220/380V±10%,50HZ±2%

The main technical parameters

1 The single biggest disassembly force 500 KN
2 The motor power 11 kW
3 Setting high pressure hydraulic system 10~13 Mpa
4 Setting low pressure in the hydraulic system 2~2.5 Mpa