Products - Radial Ultrasonic Automatic Flaw Detector for Water-Immersed Axle

Radial Ultrasonic Automatic Flaw Detector for Water-Immersed Axle

Main features

  • Water-immersed coupling modeled.
  • 2 groups of slide carriage, 4 sets of probe frame; 6 probes scan simultaneously, providing faster detection.
  • Axial database is produced following entry of the axle appearance. It is exported upon flaw detection and automatically plans and carries flaw detection procedures of work-piece.
  • Automatic or manual control mode.
  • Rotary rate of axle and movement speed of probe are adjustable. Flaw detection time per axle: 3.5min/axle, loading/unloading time: 5min/axle.
  • Reading, locating, out-of-limit confirmation and equivalent computation are completed automatically by the computer system.
  • Playback of reflected wave, A scanning, type-C display of defect location.
  • Provide automatic warning for the captured out-of-limit defect waveform, automatic identification of waveform location, wave height and dB values of ARL curve.
  • Store, view, callout and print flaw detection reports and records automatically.
  • Automatically develop the distance-amplitude curve, comparison between defect wave height automation and datum wave height automation, make acceptance or unacceptance judgment according to standard acceptance conditions.
  • Complete routine calibration and testing of flaw detection sensitivity automatically. Compensate automatically in case of insufficient sensitivity.
  • Dynamically observe movement location of the probe, observe scanning waveform A of the 6 groups of probes on a simultaneous or switching basis.
  • The interface is set based on operating practices of flaw detection personnel and meets the requirements of flaw detection procedures.

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System composition of equipment

The equipment includes four sub-systems as follows:

  • Mechanical servo system – comprising the machine driven system, automatic spray of couplant, probe device and automatic axle positioning, drive, probe push and pull, and axle feeding and blanking, etc.
  • Electrical control system – mainly to realize functions such as mechanical motion control, strong and weak current transformation, sound and light alarm output, and defect location, etc; the control system comprises the industrial personal computer of control cabinet, motion control card, and software system.
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection system – comprising ultrasonic transmission circuit, ultrasonic receiving circuit, probe coupling system, channel switch control circuit, and power circuit, etc;
  • Signal processing system – mainly including data acquisition board, peripheral communication control board, software system and computer.