Products - THDS-A (XP) type trace Hotbox Detection System

THDS-A (XP) type trace Hotbox Detection System

THDS is more important equirpment of ensure railway transportation safety for finding thermal axle, prevent heat-cutting axle. THDS use automation and control technology, infrared radiation detection technology, electromechanical integration technology, network communication technology and computer intelligence technology, with trains running at a meter gauge axle vehicles, intelligent tracking, measuring and automatic Hotbox heat shaft failure warning function, to achieve a " detection decentralized, alarm centralized, network operation, information sharing."

THDS-A(XP) type system made for the ministry of railways, railway station monitoring center, row after in center and column check after in center and acquisition station.

Acquisition station indoor and outdoor equipment structure diagram

THDS-A(XP) type system heat axle prediction of specification

The THDS - A system dynamically detect all kinds of axle box temperature, buses, trucks and intelligent information processing shaft temperature, through intelligent tracking, with heat box 5 t information. THDS - A heat box system is divided into three levels: strong micro heat, heat, heat shock.

  • Slight fever: monitoring operation
  • Strong heat: parking in front of the station
  • Wrinkle: stop suddenly

THDS-A(XP) type system detection station

Station equipment have indoor, outdoor equipment and connecting cable.

station had indoor equipment including cabinet, power supply lightning protection box, channel, lightning protection box, UPS uninterruptible power supply, magnetic door, digital cameras, wireless launcher ground, etc. The station cabinet configuration has deployed in the host, keyboard, mouse, display, control box, remote management, intelligent tracking devices, power box, etc.

station outdoor equipment including rail side box, wireless transmitting antenna, magnetic head, probe, probe protective device, the probe stent, heat target, connecting cable and rf antenna, etc.

Axle temperature detector

Axle temperature detector is the core component of axle temperature detecting, according to the different temperature measuring element divided into two types following:

A) thermal probe - sensitive element with double submerged thermistor

B) Photon detector - sensitive element using hgcdte photonic devices