Products - TYJM-1 type Wheel Tread Shape Tester

TYJM-1 type Wheel Tread Shape Tester

TYJM-1 type wheel tread shape tester used by the newest laser sensor technology, SCM managing system and the Concise and stable mechanical structure, so that it can measure easily, accurately, continuously and fast with the geometry parameters of wheel and it will realize digital detection for wheel radius, flange height, flange thickness, thickness of the rim and 70mm point abrasion quantity which this system also can have capacity of connect with computer, transit data into computer, and manage digital with professional software.

Working Condition

Working Conditions Temperature Working Conditions Humidity Altitude
-20 ℃~ +50℃ ≤90%RH ≤2500m

Technical Data

1 tread wear (flange height) -2~15mm ±0.1mm
2 flange thickness 20~40mm ±0.1mm
3 Rim thickness 50~80mm ±0.1mm
4 Rim width 0~145mm ±0.1mm
5 Vertical wear(QR value)   ±0.1mm