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Micro-control single-station bearing run-in machine

Micro-control single-station bearing run-in machine is for railway wagon wheel for rolling bearings in inspection of special equipment, conforms to the wheel and rolling bearing assembly and repair of railway wagon rules requirement.

This machine is mainly composed of computer automatic control system, pneumatic system, wheel tread drive, bearing of positioning system and other parts, bearing the running-in process fully automated. , through computer control, in the process of bearing in the bearing temperature changes by infrared temperature measuring probe collected signals, the input to the industrial computer, then through microcomputer processing, the bearing temperature rise curve of running-in shows on a computer screen, make the bearing temperature rise in the running-in process change is very intuitive and be clear at a glance. Wheel for running in 5 minutes, after the running-in, the printer can print out the round table of the parameters, the temperature rise curve.

Working status

The function and main characteristics

The running-in machine friction wheel friction drive surface and wheel tread contact, by rotating friction lead wheel rotation, wheel tread and contact friction wheel drive of face velocity difference is small, low friction wheel wear rate, friction wheel of long service life, low friction wheel and more general maintenance frequency.

Friction wheel motor vehicles small size of the pneumatic tyre, low purchasing cost. And motor vehicles used due to its western rubber tyre choice is reasonable, and stuffed with steel wire or glass fiber reinforced material, so the wear-resisting performance excellence.

And pneumatic tyre has better deformation performance significantly, so choose pneumatic tyre instead of the commonly used solid rubber piece of customized friction wheel, friction can significantly increase the contact area and improve the effect of friction drive friction wheel. More effectively prevent the rubber friction wheel formed in the process of friction rubber powder pollution, improve the working environment.

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Main technical parameters

The suitable wheel diameter Φ780mm-Φ840mm
The suitable bearing model RD2、RE2
Gauge 1435mm
The maximum weight 1.5t
Bearing outside diameter 230mm-250mm
Power Supply Tri-phase AC380V(±15%)50HZ(±2%)
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
The environment temperature -5°C~45°C
Relative humidity ≤95%
Seismic fortification intensity 8
Power 10KW
Friction wheel diameter 400mm
Dimension L×W×H 2450×1770×1950(mm)
Running-in speed ≥200r/min
Working efficiency 约6.5min/对
Temperature measuring Range -20°--300°C
Measurement accuracy ±1°C