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Built-in electric rotary


  • Electric rotary using built-in, diameter less than or equal to the orbit inside, after installation without cutting repair was carried out on the track.
  • Wheel of the reversing work, the wheel to stop in the designated area electric rotary, rotary hoisting mechanism to the improvement of operation personnel under the instruction of automatic rotate 90 ° after 30-50 mm. Complete the wheel to turn.
  • The removed and remote control two operation modes of the accused. The operation is simple, safe and reliable.
  • Wheel force, not the original orbital capacity remains the same.

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Technical characteristics

  • Normal lead rail (the steering wheel to wheel force.
  • Using remote control operation, safe and reliable.
  • Using the wheel flange as Ye stress point of ascension.
  • Wheel diameter less than or equal to the orbit.

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Main technical parameters

The diameter of rotary ø1430
Rotary indexing Angle 4×90°
Weight bearing 2.5t
Rotary hoisting height 30-50mm
Rotary weight 1.5t
Moto power 1.1KW
Volume 1430×1430×760mm