Products - YXD09 CRH1, 2, 3, type gear box oil washing machine

YXD09 CRH1, 2, 3, type gear box oil washing machine

Equipment function

To standard gauge CRH1, 2, 3, move the wheel gear box oil washing operation, up and down with the workpiece is convenient, friction belting leather wheel tread on rotation going fast connection, implements the workpiece greatly reduced auxiliary spare time.


  • The adjustment of the gear box oil cleaning and low oil washing in one machine, has the very good generality.
  • Machine has enough stiffness and strength, the main body frame adopts frame structure, a box section structure reasonable structure, balanced running, working stability is good.
  • Gear box is clamped at work, oil washing machine can automatically according to the set time positive and reverse rotation.
  • Wash oil by forced circulation, bi-directional filtration, clogging alarm.
  • Wash oil tank with room temperature and heating, heating box is adjustable and can be automatic constant temperature heating temperature.
  • Tubing according to classification models, with a quick release coupling.
  • Equipment operation is controlled by hydraulic pressure, the movement balance, working pressure is adjustable.
  • Can accurately detect the wheel rotation speed to work, can according to the technical process and convenient equipment working speed.
  • End of the work wheel by pushing wheel mechanism will be its location.
  • System controlled by computer, Chinese operation interface.
  • Device with the user of the emu information management system of information exchange interface, communication protocol, information content and format conforms to the ministry of railways, the railway train section (the) "specification for information system of the relevant provisions.

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Main technical parameters

Production of the beat Oil washing time (adjustable)/article 20 to 50 minutes
High speed wheel speed of wash oil 500/min
Low speed wheel speed of wash oil 100/min
The suitable of the wheel diameter range 790-920mm
Wheel gauge 1435mm
The length of bearing ≤2400mm
Power of base machine 10.2KW
Power of oil washing station 5.5KW
Wash oil tank heating temperature 30-70°
Wash tank heating power 50KW(25KW/只)
Tank volume 250/150L/只
Base machine dimensions 3300*2200*800mm
Control cabinet dimensions 1600*600*600mm
Hydraulic pressure station dimensions 800*800*1200mm
Oil washing tank dimensions 1100*900*1000mm